C A W S   F O R   C E L E B R A T I O N !


How to Become Invulnerable(poem) is up on Polu Texni.  

“Sofie's Cloak”
(YA fairy-tale) has been accepted by Ember: A Journal of Luminous Things.  

(poem), originally published in Not One of Us, will be reprinted in the upcoming Tethys issue of Pantheon.  

(children's poem) has been accepted by Blastoff, one of Australia's School Magazines.

“The Tongue of the Chimera” (high fantasy story) is forthcoming in the anthology 5X5.  The editors of Metaphorosis invited five authors in five different genres to write stories according to the identical template for their genre.  Cool experiment!

“Mother Gothel Recovers
 (poem) has been accepted by Devilfish Review.

“King of Harps (fairy-tale for grownups) has been accepted by Mirror Dance.

 (poem) has been accepted by Polu Texni.  

“No One is an Enemy to Water,
 a short story which appeared originally in the print anthology The Shining Cities: An Anthology of Pagan Science Fiction (Bibliotecha Alexandrina) will be published online in the Tethys issue of Pantheon.  

which originally appeared in Through the Gate, has won Third Prize in the Dwarf Star awards for 2016.  First prize went to LeRoy Gorman's "aster than the speed of light", second prize to Holly Day's "Lover."  The Dwarf Star is awarded by the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association for poems ten lines long or less.  

“The Dreamer of Saranby”
(Audible recording of children's fairy tale, originally published in Ember) is available on

“The Year of Dead Poets”
has been accepted for Undead: A Poetry Anthology of Ghouls, Ghosts and More, being published by Apex.

(poem) has been accepted by Cricket.  

Bibliotheca Alexandrina has accepted several of my poems (reprints) for the upcoming print anthology, Dark Ones.  

The sparkly-gorgeous (really) first Mythic Delirium print anthology is available on in print and e-book formats, containing two of my poems, and a wealth of superb speculative fiction and poetry by the likes of Jane Yolen, Rhonda Parrish, David Sklar, and more.    
                        Publishers Weekly Starred Review!